I currently own five guitars:

A white Fender Stratocaster, an Ibanez six-string RG series and bass, and a Crafter electro-acoustic, but my favourite is the one I made myself…

Based on an “SG” kit, I built her over the summer of 2007. Although the neck and body were from the kit, everything else was uprated. When I was on holiday in the US in 1980, I bought some Grover tuners, as used at the time on the Rich Bitch guitar, as well as a Gibson tuning tailpiece. These were fitted to my Hondo Les Paul copy for 27-odd years so I thought it fitting to recycle them onto the SG. The pick-ups look like active EMGs but aren’t (budget couldn’t stretch) but they look the part and sound pretty good.

I knew I wanted a unique head-stock logo and fancied something bit reminiscent of Art Deco statuettes, hence the intertwined women. When I took the guitar to a local guitar store to be set up, they immediately coined the name “the naked tarts guitar” which sort of stuck.